Vermin / Spike 2020 policy


Gender / Sexual Minorities



What happens between consenting adults is their own business. The government will in no way have any authority over the choice of who consenting adults marry nor do they have any authority to define someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. All governments will be restricted from discrimination against people based on their sex, gender, and/or sexual orientation. The Supreme administration will do its utmost, to prevent harm from coming to GSM individuals and groups. Persecution of these minority groups is blatantly immoral. Gender identity and sexual orientation will be added to the list of protected classes of citizens based on the Civil Rights Act.


Gender and marital status should play no role in the decision if someone can adopt a child. Children deserve to be loved and adopted into loving, caring environments where their needs can be provided for. Discrimination from adopting based on marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity will be illegal. 


Gender or Sex should play no role in government identification. A person’s genitalia do not define who they are, or their capabilities. It should be an individual’s right to disclose their gender or sex. The Supreme Administration favors removing gender and sex markers from all government identification and documentation. Sex and gender may be necessary in healthcare but are not necessary for identification purposes.


pandemic preparedness

1) No state, commonwealth or territory has the power to supersede US Constitution, even during emergencies.

2) Any state government found in violation of the US Constitution during an emergency shall be stripped of all federal funding until they return to compliance of the Constitution.

3) During a pandemic or other healthcare crisis, we will encourage private industry to produce, import, distribute, and administer medical equipment, testing, medication, vaccinations, and any other medical treatment.

4) If a national healthcare crisis or epidemic is declared, all current approved medical research funding will be diverted to solving the crisis. FEMA money will also be available.

5) Emergency spending during any crisis shall be approved by Congress in a bill that has no other earmarks.

6) No corporate welfare in relief bills.

Special focus on elderly populations.

The New Normal: How to resume our daily lives.

Allow businesses to re-open by implementing safe practices to ensure the safety of customers and employees.

Facilitate businesses adopting & maintaining safe practices. 

Enact deregulation for small businesses, self-employment, and co-operatives. (Poor communities among those hit hardest.) 

Relax retail restrictions: make it easier for suppliers to reach consumers wholesale directly.

Remove FDA restrictions on farm-to-table selling. Allow small farms to go further than farm-to-table (selling to restaurants and grocery stores). Allow and encourage direct sales to consumers.

Deconstruct zoning law restrictions as Civil Rights Act violations.


Sex Work

Sex work will be completely decriminalized. This includes repealing FOSTA/SESTA, and the Mann Act. People arrested and/or convicted for full-service sex work, will be pardoned. The conflation between sex trafficking and sex work will come to an end. There will be no government licensing, databases, or other mechanism used to identify, track, and/or “out” sex workers. Sex worker status should not be leveraged against parents in Family Court settings. 


drug policy

All recreational drugs will be decriminalized. All non-violent drug offenders will be pardoned, and their records expunged. We will end government anti-drug propaganda campaigns designed to spread misinformation about “drug culture”, and the psychological and medical realities of drug usage.



ICE will be abolished. Detainment camps will be emptied. Border Control will be dissolved. Immigrants will be able to receive a Tax ID number, as well as State identification documents, so that they may open bank accounts, and become employed as residents of the United States.   

We will remove the regulatory barriers that make it hard for businesses to hire workers right here in the US, which will create and retain many jobs for citizens and immigrants alike.



While the necessity of abortion is often regrettable, the government should not be in a position to control the reproductive rights of the populace.  



Firearm restrictions are inherently racist and were historically used to keep former slaves and people of color from exercising their new constitutional rights after the end of slavery. Every law regulation enacted to restrict a citizen’s ownership of firearms is an infringement of the 2nd Amendment. Restrictions on firearm purchasing, ownership, and usage are illegal and will be removed. All citizens should be allowed to make the decision on their own of what tools are necessary for their protection and personal use. A disarmed populace is a populace subject to the whims of violent criminals, and oppressive regimes. The world we will build, will not be predicated upon such inequality. 


Environmental Disasters

Environmental disasters are a serious problem in America. Even when there is relief for victims and action taken, money is often misallocated and portions of it are often diverted away to other things. To make matters worse, EPA regulations mandate how cleanups must happen and what tools must be used. These regulations are perpetually out of date. Oftentimes, it is impossible to clean things up because the means to clean up a disaster no longer exists, but more modern ways to handle it is not allowed. Superfunds and other payouts designed to deal with environmental disasters are effectively used as a form of corporate welfare that fails to properly incentivize firms to take the necessary precautions to prevent a major disaster.

Liability caps are also a problem and should be removed. Federal and state government should only pay for damages after a company is unable to pay further...including after liquidating it. 

Replace mandates on how disasters are handled to allow flexibility. Firms may not continue relevant operations after a disaster until the cause is resolved. However, damages and payouts must go toward cleanup and medical expenses of victims first. Once these are covered, the other considerations like saving affected wildlife should be considered.


climate change

Hemp is a major carbon sink that can help us greatly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. We will deregulate hemp federally and remove subsidies for its competitors, while encouraging states to do the same.

We will make it easy for the invention, improvement, production, distribution, sales, and consumption of artificial and lab grown beef. This will help with food costs and methane from cows.

We will hire and work with expert scientists and engineers to advise us on the upcoming next generations of nuclear power plants. Our present innovation-discouraging nuclear regulatory policy is an excellent example of regulatory capture by the obsolete light water reactor industry. Molten Salt Reactors using thorium can use gravity and a plug of (normally) frozen salt to stay safe passively, without needing any people or pumps. These reactors can also burn up many kinds of nuclear waste as fuel. If the cost of electricity goes down enough due to the efficiency and energy density of nuclear power, then CO2 can be profitably sucked right out of the air & combined with hydrogen split from water to produce cheap, carbon-neutral liquid fuels replacing both gas & diesel. We will decommission as many nuclear warheads as possible for use in power generation.

Encourage firms and schools to utilize or make permanent working from home and telecommuting to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions from vehicles.

Ending the wars, ending the overseas military empire, and minimizing the explosion of munitions will greatly reduce emissions.

End all subsidies and tax breaks for energy exploration and production.

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